Privacy Policy

Any information provided by you is protected by the Privacy Policy in accordance with Georgian law. Your personal information is used only by the website to increase the quality of service and is related to the ordering service you place on the page.

§        You can use the status of "guest" when browsing or purchasing on a website

§      You can subscribe to news", otherwise your e-mail will not be included in our database

§      You can use your Facebook account

§      You can "authorize" on our website, your data, name, personal number, contact number, address, the list of ordered products remains in our archive and is intended only for providing high quality delivery service.

When purchasing a product with a card, you will be redirected to the portal of a bank registered in Georgia. Your plastic card data will be processed only by the relevant bank and will not be included in the database.

When purchasing the product in installments, you will be redirected to the online installment page of the bank registered in Georgia. The personal information required for the installment approval will be requested and verified by the relevant bank and the information provided by you to the bank will not be included in the database.

Please note that in order to improve the service it is essential that we have complete and accurate information about you. Decor Group LLC (tax code 405324288) is responsible for the protection of your personal data. For more information you can contact us by:

§  e-mail: [email protected]

§  phone: +995-32-2-560-530

§  visit a shop: Georgia-American #43


Please note that there is no guarantee of complete protection in the Internet space, so when making a purchase, make sure that you are on the website