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Top 5 most trending tables for living room

If you have already chosen the soft furniture for the living room, then it is time to select a table. Unlike the dining table, when selecting a living room table, you can pay less attention to practicality and focus more on visuals.

The table commonly referred to as a coffee table in the living room is relatively small in size, and its main function is to hold desserts or coffee, as well as various daily use items. Although it does not bear a significant functional load, it plays a substantial role in the overall design of the room. Therefore, it is important to consider both furniture trends and the practicality of the table itself

We will introduce you to the top five trending tables for the living room:

Round Table

The round table adds sophistication and a classic touch to the interior. Round shapes are well-suited for various types of soft furniture. If you prefer a larger table, you can opt for an oval shape. The round shape is particularly practical for families with small children.

Table with mechanism

In recent years, living room tables with adjustable mechanisms have been particularly trendy. This type of furniture can change its shape through a mechanism, allowing it to rise and/or expand in size. As a result, it can be used effectively as a dining table when needed. Tables with adjustable mechanisms are highly practical, especially if you need to work from home on a computer for extended periods of time

A table with a pouf

terms of furniture trends, having a log table with a puff is highly relevant. These tables typically have a wooden structure and a soft surface, often making the main construction optional. Tables with a puff are known for their elegance and fashionability. However, it is worth noting that these trends can be somewhat impractical. Nonetheless, their beauty is captivating, making them a preferred choice for many people.


A table with a chest of drawers

The latest trend in living room furniture is the small, low desk-style table with drawers. This type of table, which does not have much free space, complements soft furniture beautifully and adds a touch of sophistication to the room. It is also highly practical as it allows you to store various DIY items in the drawers, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing..


The set of glass tables has remained highly relevant in recent years and continues to hold its position as a top trend in 2023. Typically, these sets consist of three tables in different sizes, heights, or shapes. This practical arrangement allows for flexible placement of the tables as needed. Such a set particularly complements modern-style soft furniture